What’s Your Productivity Ratio?

Productivity is about output.

It’s about hunkering down, nose to the grind, and cranking out work.

Productivity increases as you get better at focusing on what’s important and sticking to it.

But to produce new, quality work on a consistent basis, we need to be creative and innovative.

This requires an adaptive and changing world view.

Consistent and high quality output requires consistent, high quality input.

It’s easy to cling to Medium and read every productivity blog post that exists, but is that an excuse?

Do you know yourself well enough to tell if you’re avoiding the hard work?

Everyone has a different input to output ratio.

How much new, valuable information are you consuming vs. how much new valuable information you are producing.

If we follow the the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule), we find that 80% production and 20% consumption might work for most people.

What’s YOUR optimal productivity ratio?

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3 years ago

I like the 80/20 rule, but I think productivity comes and goes in waves. You learn as much from your own output as you do any input, but there are times where I feel I need to build and build on the input side so I can explode with output when I’m ready.

chris danilo
Reply to  Greg
3 years ago

I love this, Greg. Thanks for sharing.

I think there are TONS of people who feel the same way.

Are there any particular signs that you can see that signal: "I’m ready for output?" How can you tell when it’s time to grind instead of time to listen?

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