Some Excuses are Honest Excuses

If I could only ___ then I could ____.

I just need to ___, then I can get started with ____.

I’m having trouble with ____, so I can’t ____ enough.

These might sound familiar. Some people call them excuses.

Some excuses are more valid than others, and some of us are better at making them than others.

So, really, not the excuses themselves that hold us back. It’s calibrating our “excuse radar” that gets us. How good are you at detecting your own excuses?

What will you do today to start being honest with yourself?

Being honest with yourself about this is the only way to open yourself to the possibility of success.

Only after we do this can we apply the hard work required to be highly productive.

The only way to get better at being honest with ourselves is by practicing again, and again, and again.

What’s an excuse you’ve made recently that’s total bullshit?

Don’t leave this post until you think of something. NO EXCUSES. You have the 15 seconds it’s going to take. Be real about this.

Once you do this, you’ll have built momentum. Notice the positive feeling you get from it. It’s accomplishment. It’s pride. It’s confidence that you can do it again.

You’ll have made it just a little easier for your brain to do it again. You’ll have started the process of rewiring your neurons to arrange themselves for high productivity.

Go get ’em.

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