The Secret to Building Something Amazing

You could be doing a lot more, but it’ll cost you something.

Do you ever get that feeling? Like you’re missing out on something? Like you could be doing more?

The FOMO is real. In fact, it’s science.

Your survival instincts kick in when it’s time to double down on what you’re currently doing. Doubling down means you’re focusing resources on one possibility, instead of spreading them across multiple possibilities.

This is precisely the scary part.

It’s hard to make amazing barbecue when you could also be making burgers and hot dogs.

It’s hard to make amazing shoes when you could also be making t-shirts and sunglasses.

It’s hard to make an amazing anything when you’re diffusing limited energy across multiple products or projects.

If you want to make an impact, you’re going to need to do the difficult emotional labor of sticking to the path, focusing on what’s important for your project or brand, and making that one thing amazing.

If you’re in the early stages of a startup company, this means you’ll need to be taking away features; not adding them.

Only after you build your reputation of consistent amazingness will people trust you to build other amazing things.

Until then, you’ll just be making a lot of mediocre things–which might not be the first impression you want to give to your customers.

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