Why You Should Stop Chasing Big Goals

It’s not that all big goals are bad. Some seem impossible, but in time, can be achieved.

But your goal is to save the world–and that’s inherently noble, right?

Saving the world is what’s known as a “big, hairy, audacious goal.” I didn’t invent this language, but I think Jim Collins may have.

Here’s the thing:

Big, hairy, audacious goals can help us think on the right scale and push ourselves past our comfort zones. But there are good ones as there are bad ones.

Bad big, hairy, audacious goals often come from a place of bravado.

If you think you’re like Rambo, going across enemy lines and against all odds, you’re going to lose. Stop using magical, romanticized, super-hero thinking and start looking at the facts.

Good big, hairy, audacious goals come from a place of doing everything you can to improve the probability of success, even if the only way to change the odds is with decades of disciplined, consistent focus on the important stuff.

It’s only by looking at this giant goal with a practical lens that you’ll be able to break it down into smaller, achievable pieces.

Focus on the facts, break them into the smallest possible pieces, and apply disciplined effort.

Focus on looking like Rambo and you’ll burn out faster than one of those “bar app” startups.

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