The Only Time Complaining Works

Let me be crystal clear:

Complaining is a failed attempt at processing what’s you’re going through.

Complaining is explaining the pain you’re feeling through rumination.

Analysis of this granularity is only helpful if you’re going to find a solution.

Complaining is never helpful if complaining itself is the end goal.

Catharsis is a fallacy. Don’t “get it out of your system.”

All this does is train your brain to get better at complaining. The more you do anything, the better you get at it. It’s called neuroplasticity and it’s your brain’s ONLY job. It’s good at this, too.

Unless you can verbalize the pain of your experience to reveal some nuanced truth that provides perspective or meaning, it’s a useless expenditure of energy.

There is a 0% ROI on complaining.

The only way to be an amazing person is to train your brain to have awesome patterns of thinking. If you’re serious about your life and career, you’ll promise yourself you’ll stop yourself the next time you’re bitching to a co-worker or partner. Stop and choose to look for something positive you can do instead.

It’s very rarely a bad idea to be in a positive mindset.

Promise yourself this. We need you.


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