Stop Missing This Major Productivity Lesson

You’re not going to like this . . . but it’s true.

Tell me, how often does this happen?

When you read a blog post on productivity, you’re tempted to download a new app, buy a new book, start a new routine, ad infinitum.

“The app I’m using is garbage, and I really just need to sort that out before I’ll ever be productive and organized.”

You know what I’m about to say, right?

It’s not the app.

It’s not the book.

It’s not the routine.

It’s you.

I need a new diet plan. I need the ab machine 9000. I need new gym shorts.

Please recognize that the solution to the problem, whether it’s a fitness plan, a standard operating procedure, or a mindset shift, is 100% YOUR responsibility.

The solution is absolutely inside you. And you’re the only one who can see this.

Don’t look past this critical ownership!

It’s so easy to say:

“Oh I can’t workout today because I don’t have weights, a pull up bar, a yoga mat, or the THINGS I need to get in a real workout.”


You can go for a run, do wind-sprints, do 100 pushups, or do lunges until your legs are jelly.

 You can do it without the tools. You can be productive without the tools. You can be amazing without the tools.

There is absolutely nothing outside of you that’s a prerequisite to change your state of being, right now.

No apps. No diets. No marketing strategy.

No bullshit that clutters your brain.

It’s all inside.

Stop missing the point and going straight to what’s outside of you.


What’s an excuse you’ve already made today? (Don’t worry, I’ve got some too.)

Is it a real excuse or are you making this one up?

If you’re not sure. Comment and we’ll figure it out.


P.S. Don’t stress out about this, it doesn’t help. Remember, we’re making consistent, incremental, daily actions. We’re not trying to lift 500 lbs. on the first rep. Stick wth me, here. This takes time and practice.

Published by chris danilo

Carbon-based. My mission is to teach the next generation to care about the world, to know how to change it, and to take relentless action. Stalk me: @theCountDanilo everywhere

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