The Surprising Reality About Following Rules

I’ve never liked rules. They tend to get in the way of things like fun.

Depending on the context, rules often create friction that slows even well-intentioned progress.

I made a decision years ago that is now showing up again in my life.

I made the decision to follow my own rules. I try to live deliberately ethically, and according to a blend of known and practiced philosophies.

Recently I noticed myself creating unnecessary rules around my own life. Rules that didn’t help or improve me.

Time to break the rules . . .

Here’s the punchline:

Rules are our servants.

If a rule is not useful or if it creates more work, disobey it and accept the consequences gladly.

You should never have to wait for permission to build something useful.

You should never have to bend over backward to make someone smile.

And you should never have to suffer under your own habits.

Rules are our servants.

You are the owner of rules.

You are the ruler.

You decide what to do next.

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