The Easy Thing About Hard Things

It seems like whenever I ask someone about their new project they go off on this long list We just finished the logo. We’re talking to a lawyer about an LLC. We’ve got sights on new office space downtown  . . . None of which matters. It just doesn’t. All the time we spend working […]

Tell Me You Don’t Already Know The Answer To This . . .

We almost always know the answer already. The trouble is that we’re looking for someone to give us permission. We don’t need a new fancy diet. We know what’s good for us and what’s garbage. Eat less, exercise more. We don’t need a fancy new software app. We know what work we’re avoiding. Do the […]

This Distinction Will Kill You or Make You Bulletproof

Let’s be clear about something. Analyzing the past can be useful, but ruminating is not. Pay attention to how you felt, but when anxiety or fear overcomes your ability to act in the present–you’re in big trouble. It’s here in this moment that you’ve got a chance to realize that something’s not right and that’s […]