Let’s be clear about something.

Analyzing the past can be useful, but ruminating is not.

Pay attention to how you felt, but when anxiety or fear overcomes your ability to act in the present–you’re in big trouble.

It’s here in this moment that you’ve got a chance to realize that something’s not right and that’s what makes it useful.

Fear should be given attention, but NO power.

In fact, if you’re afraid of something that’s generally a good sign that you should do it.

Know the distinction between analyzing and ruminating.

If you don’t practice distinguishing them, well, you’ll end up in the same jobs, dating the same kind of person, and fearing the same things that could make you great.

Start small right now.


What’s something you’ve been afraid of that you can squash in less than 2 minutes?

Telling your boss you need a raise?

How about asking that co-worker how to actually pronounce your name?

This doesn’t need to be some huge undertaking. In fact: the smaller you can make this, the better.

Be small, consistent, and relentless.

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