Did you really sign up for this?

I wrote a whole blog post and then deleted it. Why? It was terrible. It was another post about those small, incremental improvements. I feel like I’m losing momentum, like I’m losing traction, or like what I’m doing isn’t making impact. It’s so easy to feel this way. It’s also embarrassing to admit it. I’m […]


It’s simple, but it’s so hard. One of the toughest challenges we face every day is looking at ourselves in the mirror and making the conscious decision to fight for ourselves. It’s so easy to lose hope, traction, routine, or sight of the prize. It’s much harder to remind ourselves every day of what’s important. […]

This time, it’s not business, it’s personal . . .

If we cared more about other people’s business, we’d do better in our own business.   Let me explain.   If it’s truly just business and not personal, it’s easier to excuse ourselves from the emotional labor otherwise required.   If it’s truly just transactional (trading dollars for a service) then it’s easier to view […]