If we’re not learning about ourselves, analyzing our results, and rebuilding . . . then we are bound to make the same mistakes, relive the same embarrassments, and date the same kind of people. Learning is everything. When the light bulb goes off, we feel alive! When we discover something new, we are inspired to […]

The Secret to Doing More (That No One Wants to Hear).

The biggest reason people have hired me in the past is to help them do more. “We need to be bigger” “We need to be faster.” “We need to get MORE done.” Of course, the secret to doing more, whether it’s your business or your personal life, is right in front of each of us. […]

A Secret I’ve Been Holding for 6 Months

Around this time last year, I was exercising almost every day. In fact, on Wednesdays, I was exercising twice per day. Plus, I was commuting on my bicycle–which meant I was putting up another 4-10 miles on the bike, each day, just to get around. But guess what? I took a contract last November and […]