Are You A Fish? (What It Could Mean For Your Future)

What’s a Fish?

A Fish is a hunted resource. It’s lured in and snatched up. It’s indirect, at best, at determining its future. (At worst, it’s entirely passive.)

You’re a fish if you:

  • Put your resume out on
  • Are hoping someone picks you to get promoted.
  • Are waiting to be discovered.

If you’re waiting for someone to notice your work or choose you for the team, you’re betting on a highly unlikely strategy.

A more productive strategy is deliberation.

What would happen if you found someone you wanted to work with and sent them a video about the specific things you can do to add value to their project? That’s not being hunted. That’s hunting and it helps you stand out from the pack of identical resumes.

What would happen if you put together a report of the work you’re doing and how specific decisions have been saving the company money? What would happen if you asked your boss to add even more value by promoting you?

What would happen if you called/emailed/DMed the big players in your field and pitched them on the work you can do for them in exchange for some exposure?

This is taking the bull by the horns. This is doing the fishing.

This is a productive mindset that will leave you feeling powerful and in control of your future.

All you have to do is move forward. You already know what to do.

2 Minute Action

What’s something you’ve been waiting on? The novel you want to write, the promotion you deserve, getting fit?

Now’s your chance.

Email me and I will respond with some action options to help you get the ball moving. 🙂

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