Building On The Backs Of Your People

I once heard a business adviser say “you have to build your business on other people’s work.” This rubbed me the wrong way at first, and I thought about it for over a year. If your goal as the leader of a company is to minimize expenses and maximize profit specifically for personal gain, then […]

You Don’t Have To Work Hard To Get This

The bar is low for customer service. Have you ever been yelled at in the airport at 6 AM by TSA. Have you ever been greeted by a store associate with only the two unapologetic words, “we’re closed.” If you’ve ever waited in line only to be given excuses at the end of it. All […]

Whatever You’re Doing Right Now, You’re Paying For It With Your Life

No one knows how much time they have left, but most people want to do something important. Where’s the urgency? I have an estimated count of how much time I’ve got left. I call it my “Death Bed Timer.” It’s a little scary, and that’s the point. I look at this quickly shrinking number on a regular […]