If you think that productivity means getting the most out of your employees, you’re not wrong.

If you think that berating, intimidating, or insulting employees is the best way to motivate them to achieve their highest output, you’re just a jerk.

Steve Jobs is hailed as a visionary, (saw an amazing future of technology) a martyr, (he was booted from his own company) and an innovator (he invented the smartphone as we know it).

What we fail to ask is: could he have been these things AND courteous to others?

It’s really up to you if you believe one precludes the other.

2 Minute Action

  • Write a card for an employee whose partner was just in a car accident.
  • Send a text message to a teammate who is off-site, about to give a big presentation.
  • Leave a post-it note on a colleague’s desk to let them know you saw their sales report and that it was killer.

The more we are randomly kind to each other, the more we create the kind of community that can do great things.

It’s not just Steve Jobs who innovated, it was Wozniak and their entire team.

Don’t forget that.

Go forth and do good, today.

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