You know the feeling.

It’s hard to come up with ideas. You’re waiting for something to happen. You stick to something you’ve done in the past even though it’s not working now.

I don’t need to dive into it.

One good way to get unstuck is to consider the work you’re afraid of.

Making the phone call? Putting the money down? Putting yourself out there?

What’s something you’re avoiding?

You guessed it.

Start with that.

Focus on where the fear is.

It’s your compass.

Addressing small fears and avoidances is a powerful way to start trusting your own ability to handle challenges.

Face these small fears every day and you’ll start training the muscle required to tackle the big stuff.

Don’t try to bench press 500 lbs. on your first day.

2 Minute Action

Most of the time, it takes 2 minutes or less to take action.

Here are three examples:

  • Look up the phone number of someone you’re trying to reach and just freaking call them.
  • Stop by the office yourself instead of sending another email.
  • Provide your honest opinion (without hedging or backing down before you finish stating it).
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