The 2 Biggest Killers of Productivity That No One Is Talking About

I should have done more.

I should be much further along by now.

If I wasn’t so _______, I’d be where I want to be.

“Should” is probably the worst thing you can say to yourself, but we do it all the time.

Its not helpful, it only makes us feel bad.

This is called “shoulding all over yourself.”

It comes from the two biggest killers of motivation and productivity that we know:

Guilt and Obligation.

We feel guilty for taking a break, or for taking time off. We shouldn’t need this extra time

We feel obligated to stay late, to do work that doesn’t matter, or to commit to a vision of success that is unrealistic. We really should be eating better and working out more

If obligation and guilt were effective tools, we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs.

When you start “shoulding” just pull the e-brake

2 Minute Action

What’s something you’re going to do for YOU today?

What’s something you’re NOT going to do?

Its up to you to decide whether or not to beat yourself up or ruminate with guilt. It’s up to you to define a reasonable picture of what success looks like.

Setting up these rules and visions and being fair to ourselves can go a long way if practiced regularly.

Whats something that might replace “should” for you? Reply/comment and let me know what’s working for you!

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