What Is Productivity Overhead?

Just like a business’ overhead (the costs needed to cover salaries, rent, the electric bill, etc. etc.) . . . . . . your productivity has overhead. You need to sleep, eat, exercise, play, be social, etc. etc. You will almost never get a productive output during those actions–but we can agree that they’re important […]

The Secret Weapon Of Long Term Productivity

You know the wall? The one you hit when you can’t take another step. The one you hit when you can’t talk, write, or work any longer. The one you hit when you just can’t go on. The interesting thing about the wall is that once you’ve gone through it a few times, you realize […]

The 2 Biggest Killers of Productivity That No One Is Talking About

I should have done more. I should be much further along by now. If I wasn’t so _______, I’d be where I want to be. “Should” is probably the worst thing you can say to yourself, but we do it all the time. Its not helpful, it only makes us feel bad. This is called […]