How To Spot A Fake Expert

I just heard someone say: “We’ll, they wrote the book on the subject, so they must really know what they’re talking about.”

At first, this sounds right, but remember that we’re in the Information Age?

What they really meant to say was “they wrote A book on the subject.”

Everyone can publish.

No one is standing over any author saying “these facts aren’t solid,” or “what does the rest of the field think?”

One of the most important core values you can have, that will move you forward in a healthy trajectory is thinking for yourself.

Be skeptical.

Unless the book has been reviewed by other expert peers and accepted into the field as a cornerstone of knowledge, then it’s simply opinion or observation.

This grueling review process is called science

No one wrote THE book. They wrote A book.

And isn’t it funny that all our K-12 librarians seem to have lost their jobs over the last 10 years and suddenly we have a fake news crisis?

2 Minute Action

What’s a primary source?

What’s a secondary source?

How does the scientific method work?

Knowing these will help you become a learner.

Being a learner is the only way to adapt and survive in a constantly changing world. The same goes for your work.

Stay the same and your work will dry up.

Learn and adapt, and you earn the possibility of success.

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