The Hotel Room Trick

You paid for the hotel room.

It includes a lot of stuff.

A bed, sheets, towels, new soaps every day.

It also includes the man/hrs required to clean your room every time to leave.

Have you ever met someone who insists on cleaning up after themselves in a hotel room?

The point I’m making here is that you’ve already ensured that the room will end up clean and tidy at the end of the day. It’s wasteful to try and clean it.

This goes for other projects in your life, too.

Sometimes, we have already done the work or paid the price–but still insist on doubling our efforts or focusing on side projects that don’t matter.

It’s not about the hotel room, it’s about focusing on what’s important.

Don’t leave a mess–but don’t do extra work.

This is something that’s totally in your control.

2 Minute Action:

Think about the thing you most don’t want to do today.

Take the next two minutes and start on that.

You’ll feel better after you get through it and the rest of your day will be a memory of success that helps you build the trust (in yourself) required to take on seriously monumental goals.

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