The trouble with this is that “enough” usually has no real, tangible, measurable definition.

It’s not a checkbox.

Often, it’s because of the n+1 dilemma.

In this example, n is undefined and even if you get vaguely close to it, there’s always the “+1,” which is the same as saying “what could/should/would have been.”

It’s a formula for eternal failure. If there’s always a +1 attached to the target, you’ll never get there

If you don’t know what n means, you’ll have a hard time recognizing if you’ve hit the mark.

Next time you catch yourself dreaming about the project, lifestyle, or relationships you want, take an extra minute to really define what that means.

What would your day look like?

What might you have to give up to make this happen?

2 Minute Action:

What’s a goal you have?

Ex: Be a billionaire with 6-pack abs.

What would you have to do to get there?

Is there a reasonable path? If not, who can you talk to that’s the closest to that vision?

Take 2 minutes to define what the heck “enough” means and call one person who you think is close to that definition. Ask about their philosophy and beliefs. THEN ask about method.

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