Do You Have An Origin Story

Peter Parker was bitten by a radio active spider.

It gave him super strength, a spidey sense, and web throwing abilities.

At first, the power gave the teen a much needed sense of control and confidence over his life.

It wasn’t until his Uncle Ben died that he realized that this new found power made him an important steward of the planet and a caretaker of people.

So he became Spider-Man.

We are all faced with a choice.

We can spend our lives working for nothing, working selfishly, working for others, or the last option; working for others while also working for ourselves.

We each have an origin story. 

Its our narrative and it’s our responsibility to choose what happens with it.

Peter Parker didn’t ask for super powers—just like none of us asked for the adversities we’ve faced.

The choice of how we respond to these circumstances is where we create ourselves and our life’s purpose. It’s up to us.

What happens to us is not in our control.

What we do next absolutely is.

2 Minute Action:

What is your origin story?

Can you spend 2 minutes talking yourself through it?

What will you do with this now that you know?

You have everything you need to build something important and impactful.

You don’t have an eternity to make it happen.

Would it make a difference if you knew it only took 2 minutes to start?

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