This Secret Advantage Might Change Your Mind About Being Anxious

Dry mouth.

Sweaty palms.

Obsessive hair twirling.

Anxious nailbiting.

Have you ever felt this way while walking into an interview?

Here’s the secret advantage that might change your mind:

Interviewees have an interesting, mostly unseen advantage.

The interviewer is sitting at the other end of the table thinking: “please, let this be the one.”

The interviewer has gone through a hundred resumes.

They’ve already done 99 interviews.

The interviewer wants the interviewee to be amazing!

They’re already biased because they just want to be finished with the painful interview process!

If interviewees knew this, they might be a lot less nervous about the approach.

The interesting thing to take away from this is that it doesn’t stop at the interview.

Most people want to see other people succeed. Whether for noble or vicarious reasons, I don’t know.

Most people root for the underdog, love a good come-up story, and generally want others to do well.

The cool thing is that other people includes you.

Now if only everyone would start their day knowing this . . .

2 Minute Action:

What’s one way you’re lucky?

What’s a decision you’re glad you made?

Can you write it down and post it somewhere for a week?

You might be surprised at how such a little reminder can impact your attitude and output for the day.

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