We all know that material things don’t bring us lasting happiness.

What’s interesting is that experiences seem to have more of an impact. (citation)

When we’ve experienced something, we tend to make it part of our story. It’s also amplified by the power of social connection.

It becomes part of our identity!

Now here’s the cool part:

If you just take an extra second, you can define what the experience is.

Once you do, you now have a line item with a box next to it that you can check.

Instead of saying I want to be “x” type of person, it may be more useful to list some of the things that “x” type of people do.

2 Minute Action:

Go ahead.

Make a list of things that “x” type people do.


You now have your to-do list.

Focus on the outcome and you will fail.

Focus on the behavior alone and you will be on your way.

Start today. You’ve got this.

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