1 Game Changing Rule Before You Take Advice

I think we can agree that most people like to talk.

Then there’s a smaller group of people who like to take their experiences and pay them forward to novices in the field so they may advance further and faster.

The 1 game changing rule we each have to remember about advice is that it’s almost always going to be well intentioned but slightly wrong.

Not right, not wrong—just slightly wrong.

Regardless of whether this advisor wants to adequately inform you or just sound impressive, their entire worldview, shaped over a lifetime is the lens through which their advice comes.

Consider the context before you absorb the content.

And be wary: so much of advice is just “here are the 8 numbers I used to win the lottery.”

Unless you are identical in DNA and in worldview, you’re going to hear and see things slightly differently.

You have no choice but to follow your gut.

2 Minute Action:

When receiving advice, ask yourself: does the person giving me advice have the kind of lifestyle, moral compass, and skill set I would like to have?

Also, if your advisor does most of the talking, they aren’t getting enough time to really understand your problem and provide a solution.

Kinda strange to write this post advising on how to receive advice.

Feedback and criticisms welcome.

What’s some really good or bad advice you’ve gotten?

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