Your Meeting Is Starting . . .

Apparently, meetings take up about 15% of a typical organization’s time  (citation) Also, iturns out that 91% of meeting-goers day-dream, 39% of people fall asleep in meetings, 73% of people do other work while in meetings, 41% of people complain that meetings are a waste of time, and 96% of people skip meetings altogether. In […]

The Surprising Similarity Between Sports And Productivity

Here is one of my favorite comics: Forget about the sports for a second. Have you ever heard this kind of talk in your work? Let me try to translate a bit into “office-speak.” ”Well, Bill, we want to make more sales but we keep calling and no one is getting back to us.” (The […]

Use This Difficult Constraint To Your Advantage

I was reminded, yesterday, of the life changing effect of urgency. You know the feeling, it’s FOMO. Buy now, only 43 left! Limited Edition only available for the next 24 hours! Order in the next 15 minutes and we’ll throw in the Chop Chopper and the Double Chop Chopper free! You’ve seen all of these […]