How To Get To Your Dream

Step 1 – Define the dream. Examples of good definitions: Save 500 lives by donating blood. Fully fund a non-profit in my area for the year. Reach $x in revenue by 2025. Examples of bad definitions: Change education. Start a non-profit. Disrupt the industry. Hint: If you can’t “check the box,” then it’s bad definition. […]

What To Do With Giant Goals

What do you do when your dreams are so incapacitatingly¬†huge? What do you do when you have a BHAG (Big Hairy, Audacious, Goal)? This one, I learned from LEGO as a kid. The picture on the box can be so incredible, but so intimidating. The trick is taking it one step at a time. Simple, […]

Are You An Entitled Snowflake?

Let’s be clear about snowflakes: You can’t have the job you want, just because you want it. You won’t get a trophy just for being at the race. It’s interesting to see on the news how the idea of being a “snowflake,” a unique, special person, is synonymous with entitlement. You are not entitled to […]