The Most Common Email Mistake

The alarm goes off.

You’re out of bed.

You go through the motions of a normal morning.

You finally make it to your workstation.

You log into your computer and then what happens . . .

Most people check their email.

You’ve probably heard this somewhere before but why would you start your day with someone else’s to-do list?

In fact, do you know why you get my email at 8 AM EST?

So it’ll be the first thing at the top of your inbox in the morning.

But we trick ourselves into thinking that our email inbox is our to-do list for the day. It’s easy, right? It’s a list. It’s check-off-able. And usually, we can blast through it pretty fast.

The only caveat is that it prevents us from starting our day with the really important stuff.

2 Minute Action:

Turn email notifications off from your mobile.

You’re more likely to finish the stuff that’s actually important if you aren’t distracted every 11 minutes by someone else’s urgency.

I’d be honored if you stopped reading my emails in the morning. Go do the important stuff first, then come read this.

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