This Surprisingly Simple Concept To Staying Motivated

Why’s is exercising so hard for most people?

If you’re not already in shape, it hurts—so there’s that.

But more specifically, it takes a long time to see results.

And most people don’t have a pressing, life or death reason to start right now.

This means it’s important but not urgent.

Like many other things like this, it’s easier to start tomorrow.

But you’re smarter than that.

You know all this.

You’re ready. You have no excuse. Start small.

Its not about feeling the fleeting impulse of motivation

Its about recognizing how your own brain works and doing what it takes despite your own unique patterns.

2 Minute Action:

Can you do 10 crunches right now?

What about a sales call?

I bet you can do something to start right now and I bet it takes less than 2 minutes.

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