The 2 Minute Life Changing Assessment

What are your goals?

Close your eyes for a minute and picture what it would be like to be there. 

Be specific. 

Where are you?

How do your days go?

Who are you with?

The more specific you can be, the better. 

The point is to realize that it’s these experiences that are what you desire, not the number of dollars you think it’ll take or the title on your business card. 

Once you’re specific about these questions, you’ll have to take action on the life changing assessment I use many times per year. 

2 Minute Action:

Are your current daily behaviors on track to getting you there?

That’s it. That question is the whole assessment. 

You don’t need a specialist to know the answer. 

You’ll feel it in your gut. 

Today is the day to either start something or refine your methods. 

You only have the rest of your life. 

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