The Fastest Way To Supercharged Professional And Personal Productivity

You line up the ball.

You walk it down the lane.

You roll it down that oily wooden lane.


In an instant, you know exactly how you did.

In the next instant, you get the chance to analyze your roll.

Was your grip too loose? Did you move your wrist too much?

The point here is that this immediate feedback helps us modify our performance quickly.

Of course, for most of us, daily life doesn’t feel like this at all.

In fact, many people feel like there’s an “invisible ledger” at work, where the boss is keeping score without sharing how you’re doing.

And it’s only after a few months, at our quarterly performance review, that we get the chance to see how we’re being graded.


If you want to see change happen fast in your professional and personal life: call it when you see it.

There’s no substitute for this.

The faster you reward or re-direct someone’s behavior, the faster they have the opportunity to change it.

This isn’t new information, it’s operant conditioning and it was coined about a century ago.

If employees are throwing pennies down a well and they never hear a splash, well, that’s a great way to discourage them from throwing pennies down the well.

Rewards for good actions. Re-directs for actions that need to be improved.

It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative behavior, the reinforcement just has to happen fast.

2 Minute Action:

Be specific.

Catch someone doing something right, today.

Call it out and praise it publically.

It literally only takes 2 minutes to make someone’s day.

And you have the power to make it so.

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