What is it about the employee of the month program that feels so fake and contrived?

The weird thing is, that it’s programs like this, that are intended to recognize people for their hard work, that fall short in delivering the one thing that people need to be the best, highest output versions of themselves.

It’s the recognition for their work that people are looking for.

It’s the idea that their work matters.

Still unsure? Check out these quick and powerful stats about employee recognition.

It’s clear:

People don’t leave bad jobs.

People leave bad managers.

So what do you do?

Take literally 2 minutes each day and recognize someone on your team.

2 Minute Action:

Just call them out for something they did when no one was looking.

  1. Send an email.
  2. Post in your Slack lobby.
  3. Write a thank you card.

It takes 2 minutes.

Everyone has 2 minutes to recognize the people around you for the great work they’re doing.

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