3 Small Reminders That Will Make You Relentless

It’s easy to be incapacitated by the hugeness of your dreams.

Its just as easy to be incapacitated by the lack of huge dreams.

If you’re serious about achieving your goal, you have to take a step back and clarify a few things:

1. Define the fantasy

Are you really sure that starting a non-profit is the way to your happiness? Did you know that you’ll have to put together a board and then THEY will be in control of your company?

It might take some challenging to figure out if your fantasy of the perfect future is actually what you want.

2. Do the work

There is no substitute for hustle. Commit to something and see it through. When you’re done, assess what you should keep doing and what you should improve. Don’t start working again until you have a new hypothesis to test.

3. Make the work smaller

Most people bite off more than they can chew. It’s pretty normal, especially in American work culture. Make the steps smaller and more fun to accomplish and you will have a positive feedback loop that will lock you into a behavior pattern that will increase the chances of success.

That’s it.

You will read about tricks and tips and tactics and strategy and how to make your website better and how to get cheaper leads and how to write better . . .

. . . and it’s up to you to stay focused.

Its simple, not easy.

You already know what to do.

Just start.

2 Minute Action:

I firmly believe that everyone has 2 minutes to do something in a day. There is no excuse for not having 2 minutes.

If your next step is too big, I challenge you to break it down into smaller pieces.

”Start a non-profit” sounds like it would take more than 2 minutes—but “set up a call with my friend who works at a non-profit” is much smaller.

“How to file for a non-profit” is a quick Google search.

Looking up “pros and cons of a non-profit” takes 2 minute sor less to get a quick idea.

Today, I’m asking you:

What is your 2 minute action?

What could you do today that only takes 2 minutes and can move your forward.

It can be as small as you want—you just have to do it.

If you still don’t want to take action and you know it only takes 2 minutes, it’s your job to figure out what other excuse you might have.

More on that, later.

This post took you about 2 minutes to read, so remember that when your brain starts feeding you excuses.

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