This Ridiculous But Effective Way to Think Outside The Box

I don’t have the money.

I don’t have the time.

I don’t have a team.

I don’t have the intelligence.

I’m just not creative.

I don’t have any ideas.

I can’t follow through.

And then, this list just keeps going.

But here’s a ridiculous idea:

What if you had to start anyway?

And here’s an even more ridiculous idea:

What if you had to finish anyway?

How might you approach the problem then?

If you knew you weren’t going to get any more time, energy, or help.

Maybe the answer is that you have to cut something else out of your life.

Maybe the answer is that you have to eat rice and beans for a few months.

Maybe the answer is that you need to sell the concept first and THEN build the software.

The point is that you really don’t need any of these things to start. Most of the outcome is completely in your control.

By reframing this problem as “what if you will never alleviate these excuses,” you give your brain the space to think of outside-the-box solutions.

2 Minute Action:

These question I’m asking you are just questions you can ask yourself later.

Ask yourself right now:

How would you solve this problem if you had no more time, money, or resources?

Write down your answers.

And most important: start today.

You only have the rest of your life left.

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