Hard Work Isn’t As Vaynerchuk Describes It

Gary Vaynerchuk totes his success to hard work and mostly just that.

I’ve actually been following him since he was posting wine videos on YouTube for Wine Library in 2012.

The weird thing is that he actually does work very hard. He’s constantly working. He’s constantly selling. He’s constantly moving.

But the critical thing to notice is that he’s made most of his money by investing in big companies like Twitter.

Its easy to say: “oh, he just put in some capital and now he’s reaping all the benefits. If I’d have been so lucky, I’d be there too.”

This is only partially true.

Yes he invested in the right things at the right time.

But he also had access to these investments because of all the work he did prior.

He was in the social network of the people who could get him access to the deal.

He had to have a few things in place to make this happen.

Talent, opportunity, and hard work.

Heres how it looks when targeting succsss:

Talent + Opportunity (Hard Work) = Success

2 Minute Action:

Do your dreams match your behaviors?

What will you have to do differently to make this dream a reality?

What might stop you from getting there?

How might you handle those challenges differently now that you’ve addressed them, here.

Please take these two minutes to clearly define what success looks like and what you might need to do differently to get there.

It may be hard work, but it also may be creating the opportunities you’ll need.

Talent is out of your control and it turns out that it’s not super important in the formula we covered above.


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