What To Do When Your Work Sucks

It’s true. You’re not always going to perform at your peak. That’s the thing about peaks. It’s the next thing, after the peak, that’s the most important, though. It’s what you do when you are no longer at your best. Guess what? Here’s the unpopular and kinda scary answer: Do it anyway. Unless a lot […]

How To Figure Out If It’s Worth Your Time

Good reasons to quit: Because you don’t believe in the product. Because you have other priorities. Because your reasons for starting.   Bad reasons to quit: Because you messed up and everyone will think you’re a fraud. Because you didn’t realize how much work it would be. Because no one on your team believes in […]

Hard Work Isn’t As Vaynerchuk Describes It

Gary Vaynerchuk totes his success to hard work and mostly just that. I’ve actually been following him since he was posting wine videos on YouTube for Wine Library in 2012. The weird thing is that he actually does work very hard. He’s constantly working. He’s constantly selling. He’s constantly moving. But the critical thing to […]