How To Plan

Plan for reality

Well, what does that mean?

Here’s a list to get straight to the point:

  • Define “done”
  • Prioritize the work based on value to the project
  • The map is not the terrain
  • The plan is always wrong, A.K.A. your Gantt Chart
  • Don’t plan years in advance, just enough to keep your teams at capacity
  • Size things relative to what you know
  • Get serious about logical fallacies to avoid groupthink, etc.
  • Stop using “I think how much time this will take” and start using a point system to estimate tasks
  • Humans think in narratives. Think of who, then why, then what
  • Religiously measure project velocity
  • Shoot first, measure results second, adjust third

When you get more in touch with what’s real, you get more in touch with what works.

2 Minute Action:

Congrats on having a project.

Now make a list of everything that will go wrong.

Now estimate the likelihood of the 3 biggest risks.

What might you do to mitigate?

Now you’re more ready for reality.

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