Do You Know This Important Key To Output?

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I should have know about this!”

“If you’d have told me earlier, I would have had all of this ready!”

Okay, I’ve said all this before—but it wasn’t until I heard a colleague say it that I realized something important.

Sometimes, having information ahead of time really helps.

A lot of the time, though, it doesn’t add any value!

I find myself getting frustrated about this and then pausing to ask “what would I have actually been able to do differently, and would I have??”

A lot of the time, the answer is simply: nothing.

You don’t always need to know.

This goes for your career and personal projects, too.

You don’t always need to know what the outcome will be.

You don’t always need to know what all the variables are.

You don’t always need to know the steps involved, or the rules of the game, or the potential risks.

Even more important, even more than knowing, is action.

And even more important is learning.

And even more important is reiterating.

And again and again and again in a relentless, unforgiving circle of continuous improvement.

You don’t always need to know everything.

In fact, you usually don’t.

2 Minute Action:

Whats something you’re trying to learn a lot about before you start right now?

What could happen if you just started doing instead of learning?

Are you sure about that?

How long would it take you to take the first step?

I bet you could do the first step in two minutes.

Its up to you.

Another fun fact:

People are a lot less likely to get in your way once you’re already moving.

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