What Is Version 1 and Why Does It Matter?

There’s something weird that happens when you start.

It doesn’t have to make sense or be what you planned.

You don’t even have to have a plan at all.

All that matters is that you build something, measure results, and learn something from them.

The value of this cycle only kicks in when you have a hypothesis about what went wrong with what you built, and you begin the next building phase just a little bit smarter.

Build, measure, learn.

In that order.

Most people can get behind this idea but somehow still find themselves too afraid or unable to start.

It’s not about building what you have in your mind.

It’s about building SOMEthing.

If you’re not embarrassed by who you were 6 months ago, you’re not learning fast enough.

The world is out there, turning.

Your pace is up to you.

Maybe you don’t have a million dollar software startup that recommends music playlists to people on the first day.

But if you called a friend and asked them what music they liked, and then made a suggestion, you’d be beating someone who is still fussing around with what programming language to start with.

The only thing you need to have a business is a paying customer.

The only thing you need to do is start adding value.

The only thing you need to do is start!

2 Minute Action:

What are you waiting for permission to do?

Are you waiting for someone else to pick you?

Could you just make a phone call?

Could you just apply?

Could you just direct message a few people?

Could you pilot your idea with a prototype instead of going to a fancy printer?

Could you do a wireframe or a mock-up, first?

Can you draw it on a napkin or notebook?

These are all small “version 1” iterations that can help you build momentum to move you forward with confidence.

I can only help ask the questions you can ask yourself later.

Your action is up to you.

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