Why You Need To Work On Labor Day

Since about 1887, we’ve been “celebrating” Labor Day. But what does that mean? Of course, we’ve got a national holiday to thank all the American workers on whose backs our country has been built. Past and present. Great. But what are we DOING? If you’re reading this, you made a commitment to action! You made a […]

You Think You’re Output Is High, But This Will Change Your Mind

I was talking to an old friend recently, who was explaining all of the things they did inside his organization. I run this . . . I manage that . . . I monitor these . . . He went on and on about all of his responsibilities. This list was impressive. After he had […]

What To Do First When It’s Hard

The hard stuff is usually depicted in movies and other media as some kind of grueling, physical test of will. It’s a race, or a hockey game, or a POW camp. While this can be true for some things, it’s usually not. More likely, the hard stuff is something social, emotional, or psychological. Usually, the […]