How To Psychologically Change Behavior (Of Yourself And Others)

How do you get behavior to change? We can talk about motivations, intrinsic desires, or even logical or philosophical ideals that drive people. But when it comes down to the basics of human behavior, in work and in life, it comes down to reinforcement. There are a few different types of reinforcement you’ve probably heard […]

Why You Should Listen To Nickelback

Nickelback takes a beating. They have a small, loyal fan base—but most social media regards them as the laughing stock of professional and popular musicians. So, let me start with this: I’m not a fan. I don’t listen to Nickelback. They don’t click with me.  But if you’re laughing at them, please consider something important: […]

[TOOL] Evernote Vs. iOS Notes

I just caught myself looking at a comparison review of Evernote and the iOS Notes app. I pay $8/month for Evernote and I have been for years. But I’ve noticed that I haven’t really used Evernote over the past few months. I had exclusively been using iOS Notes. That money is being wasted! But why? […]