Do You Make Every Second Count?

How many times do you pick up your phone everyday?

How many minutes are spent scrolling Instagram or binging on YouTube?

What’s the accumulated time wasted in these micro moments?

What if, instead, you took a few of these micro-moments today and did something else?

What if you make a practice of turning these moments into more useful ones instead of throw aways?

This is called making every second count.

It’s not feasible to convert every micro-moment but you can convert a few.

If you convert a few per day, over the course of a lifetime . . . you can make a difference.

Since you’ve only got one life, you can’t afford not to.

2 Minute Action

Here are some suggestions for today:

Text and old friend.

Write a thank you letter to a teacher.

Tell someone you love them—totally out of the blue.

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