Don’t Get Tricked Into This Habit

There are certain things that have inherent qualities.

I hear people talk talk about the inherent educational qualities in LEGO toys and MINECRAFT, the block-based video game.

While there are some inherent values, like helping kids develop spatial reasoning skills, most of the value is hidden from sight.

It lies in the transferability of the lessons you learn to the real world.

Kids “mine” for resources in MINECRAFT. They can then spend those resources on new mining tools, build a house, or whatever else they can think up.

They tricky part here is that they are practicing “budgeting” and resource management without realizing it.

It takes an extra second for a mentor, parent, or teacher to explain how this skill can be transferred to the real world, but somehow many of us skip this step, expecting the toy or the game to just work this magic on its own.

It’s this guidance and practice of application to the real world that will make all the difference whether you are a student, teacher, employer, or employee.

It will 10x your results.

This is a critical “learn” part of the “Build. Measure. Learn.” cycle from the Lean Model coined by Eric Ries.

Instead of waiting for something to work on its own, take ownership and see how you can practice applying what you’ve learned to other parts of your life.

Dont get tricked into thinking the full value of the product or service is already 100% baked inside.

2 Minute Action

What’s something that you’re doing really well in your life right now?

In what other part of your life might you try this approach?

Here are some quick ideas:

LEGO is all about breaking large, complex models into small, buildable chunks. Saving for retirement is a huge, high-stress task that can be made much easier by saving small chunks over time.

MINECRAFT is all about scrounging the right resources and learning from the online community. If you’re thinking about starting a company or embarking on a new career, connecting with others who are on that track might help inform your decision and get you up to speed on the consequences.

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