The Secret To Unbounded Confidence

As I’m writing this, I’m exhausted.

I’m jet lagged, I’ve been traveling all day and all I want to do is sleep.

I’d be lying if I said I was super pumped to write something inspiring and motivating today.

Today just isn’t one of those days.

But this is it!

These are the days that matter the most because they ask you to match your behavior with your intentions.

And your actions determine the relationship you build with yourself.

Either you teach yourself that you’re a person who keeps his/her word or you’re a person who goes back on it all the time.

It’s not just about making it happen today, it’s about building trust with yourself.

This is the secret to confidence.

Your relationship with yourself.

2 Minute Action

Whats something you’re dreading doing today?

Make it the first thing you do.

Do this everyday and you will build a relationship of trust and confidence with yourself.

If you don’t, the opposite will be true.

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