Most People Do This And It’s Killing Them

I should have invested earlier.

I should be further along on this project than I am.

I should known an emergency might happen.

Have you heard yourself talk like this before?

It’s known as “shoulding all over yourself.”

Unless there is a lesson you can learn and apply to the future, this kind of thinking is useless.

In fact, it’s counter productive.

It pulls your valuable attention away from the reality of where you are right now (and what you CAN do) and puts it on what you cannot change.

There is a 0% ROI on ruminating.

It’s normal to have this thought pattern, so it’s okay.

It’s your job to catch this and make the adjustment, regulate, and choose to put your attention somewhere more useful.

It’s not a light switch. Be patient. It’s one of those things that just takes a lifetime to master.

Hang in there.

Do your best with what you have, where you are.

2 Minute Action

Name 3 things you haven’t let go of or things you haven’t forgiven yourself for.

You can also just name some things that are on your “worry list” that don’t really need to be because there’s not much you can control about them.

Pick one and take 2 minutes to focus only on that and let yourself off the hook.

Feels kinda good to be nice to yourself, right?

This will come up again later, so be patient with yourself as you build this habit.

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