The Untaught Skill That Manifests Respect and Success

It’s one of the most critical skills to help you advance in any domain and they don’t teach it in school.

It’s not Math, English, or Science.

It’s not even Social Studies, Chem, or Business.

It’s the skill that will help you negotiate with a boss.

It’s the skill that will help you turn an angry customer into your biggest fan.

It’s the skill that will help you regain control of your life when something awful happens.

It’s called Emotional Intelligence and it’s tricky.

EI is about reading others’ emotions, regulating your own emotions, and influencing the emotions of others.

Since emotions are tied into the way we decide (it’s a deep rooted connection that requires some neuro-mumbo jumbo to explain), having high EI can make a huge difference.

There are plenty of people with low EI but who are very “successful.” But understand that this is about being both successful and respected by others.

You get to choose the kind of life you want to live.

You can choose whatever you want.

2 Minute Action

Before you argue with someone today, start with understanding.

Start each response with “I understand how you see it that way, and I appreciate you exposing that to me,” instead of “well lemme tell you what I was thinking about while you were talking.”

Listen to understand.

Don’t “listen to win.”

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