This Pattern Behavior Will Make Or Break You

You wake up.

You check your phone.

You eat breakfast.

You check Instagram.

You get to work.

You check email.

See the pattern?

If you’re reacting to notifications, you’re letting other people use up your day.

Set your boundaries and set your schedule or others will do it for you.

Someone is in control.

It’s either you or someone else.

Either you knee-jerk react to every little red bubble on your phone or you choose how and when to respond.

Your choice.

2 Minute Action:

Go through your phone notifications and turn off social media and email notifications.

If it’s important, you’ll get a call or text.

Get control of your attention and you can focus it on building what you’ve always dreamed.

It’s your life.

Don’t let someone else live it for you.

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