This Choice Will Determine Your Day

It’s cold.

Your feet hurt.

You could get away with a little more sleep.

This is the choice.

You can either start your day by conquering your first challenge or you can hit the snooze button.

You can either start your day with a small win or you can lead with an act of procrastination.

Your call.

Just remember that your brain is getting better at whatever it’s doing right now.

“We are what we continually do.”

– Aristotle

2 Minute Action

Pick something small to conquer today.

It will only take 2 minutes so you can do it right now.

There is no way to procrastinate or make excuses.

Everyone has 2 minutes.

Here are some ideas:

A phone call to your mom.

A thank you note to your employer.

A text to let your partner know you’re thinking of them.

It should be small—but know that it will almost always make a bigger impact than you expect.

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