This 1 Thing That Will Always Mess You Up, Unless . . .

You can visualize how it will go. You can prepare. You can train, rehearse, and put in the time too see more cases. The only thing is when something unexpected happens. Even after you thought you’d seen it all, something new slips through the cracks and then what? Hasn’t this been what you’ve been training […]

The Best Way To Prioritize Tasks

I learned this from the Eisenhower Decision Matrix and I’ve used it in many settings. Is it important? Is it urgent? Will it take 2 minutes or less? Then do it now. 2 Minute Action: Line up your tasks for today. If a task is important and urgent, give it a [1]. If it’s important […]

The Only Thing That Will Get You Through Bad Situations

It’s so bad, but you have to get through it. The only way out is psychological reframing. The reality of how bad things are isn’t going to change. So if you can’t change that, the only thing you can do is change your attitude. Military groups call it “embracing the suck.” It sucks. In fact, […]