The Hidden, Everyday Choice That Can Change Your Life

It’s not what you think.

It’s not a montage of running and working out.

You don’t get to do 4 push-ups and then, by the end of the 4-minute theme song, you’re strong and capable.

You have to feel every rep, every early morning, every aching muscle cell.

There’s just no other way, yet.

Consider this another reminder.

Consider this another slow, consistent, deliberate stroke of the hammer.

You get the glorious gift of a brand new day, every day!

You get another shot every 24 hrs.

You get to choose, again and again.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Whatever you’re working toward, the only way there is consistent, daily action.

2 Minute Action

This isn’t new information.

This isn’t some cutting edge new technique.

This is the same, old-school law of physics that has always been the way things work.

What are you afraid of doing?

Sales calls? Asking for a raise? Having lunch with your mom?

Pick one. Make it happen. It’s probably just 2 minutes away.

Today, you’ve been given another shot.

Don’t let yourself down.

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