Why Messing Up Helps (It’s Not Because You Learn From Failure)

Yes, I make typos.

Yep, I splice commas all over the place.

Yeah, I end sentences with prepositions and incorrectly use the semi-colon.

I’m not trying to be perfect, because a habit of perfectionism can consume a lot of time.

I’m trying to get the point across quickly.

I’m trying to do what’s essential and then move on.

Doing all the extra stuff can be nice but it has to be worth the consequence of time and energy—and that part is up to you.

2 Minute Action

I call this 2 minute action out everyday because by thinking small and consistent, we can build really huge things.

Whats taking up 80% of your time or causing 80% of your pain right now?

Focus on that first and don’t solve anything else.

What we we found out in software development was that when we fixed some part of the software over here, some other part would break over there.

By fixing one thing at a time, we didn’t spend too much time fixing stuff that didn’t matter or that wasn’t a priority.

So think of your top time waster, soul crusher, or pain maker. Maybe you can’t solve it in 2 minutes but you can take the first step in 2 minutes.

Go for it. Schedule the call, set the agenda, but the plane ticket, commit to the work, create the user story, text your father, whatever it is.

One at a time.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

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